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2015            "ME"

"ME" is a hypothetical exhibi- tion on narcissism. The word 'me' is italized, underlined, and written in bold with quo- tation marks to give much 

emphasis. The featured art works focus on narcissistic art that is not only about self-love but have different meaning and purpose : to take one's authority back or to reflect upon a social issue . For the poster, since the title of the exhibition is "ME", 'e' or 'm' is added before and after m's and e's to create the word 'me'.


This book is a catalog for hypothetical exhibition on narcissism, "ME". Featured artists include Yasumasa Morimura, Louise Bourgeois, Hannah Wilke, Gilbert and George, Tracey Emin, Claude Cahun, Chuck Close, and Cindy Sherman. Pink and green are used as the main color through out the book to give contrast and boldness, and the typeface used is Akzidenz Grotesk. All the starting pages for each sec- tion would have big titles, and every time the letters 'm' and 'e' appear next to each other, they would appear as bold types. The starting page for the artists would have short biography of the artist, and the spreads would have slight reflectiions of the facing pages. The interview pages would also have reflecti- ons of facing pages, and pink paper is used to separate and give contrast between other pages and the interview section. The exhibition lists and work citation parts of the book are monotone with slight tint of green.



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