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As a child, I used to talk to nonliving objects that are easily forgotten and not cared for. I'd make friends with broken branches and bring them home because I felt bad leaving them. I'd put an extra period at the end of a sentence so that it won't be alone. With my natural habit of trying to stop and see things twice more, and my curiosity of what stories everything has to share, I grew up with ambition to be the creative voice for untold stories. I believe all things have a story to share, and this world we live in is full of undiscovered stories just waiting to be told.
Hello my name is Joanna Hwang, and I am a motion graphic designer in Los Angeles, recently graduated from ArtCenter with a BFA in Graphic Design and an emphasis in Motion Design.
Feel free to contact me regarding my works.
Thank you :)

Thanks! Message sent.

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