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(Short Film)
2018 Adobe Achievement
Award Semifinalist
Playful  |  Pure  |  Raw  |  Genuine  |  Intimate

Erotic Fetishism: Sexual fixation on a nonliving object or congenital body part.

Erotic fetishism is something that is instinctive and innate, wired in us since our birth. With the most innocent intention, you stimulate your imagination and expand on it. It is all tied down to your deepest and most personal emotion, and it takes form of a bit more adult way of handling your body. So embrace your own pleasure, have fun, be boundaryless and honest.

Tools : Live Action  |  Premiere Pro  |  Lightroom  |  After Effects  |  DaVinci Resolve  |  Photoshop  |  Audition  |  InDesign

Role : Creative direction, visual development, editing, sound editing, and typography 

Collaborators : Melissa Kim, Siwan Seok, Brown Yoon

Guidance : Ming Tai and Charles Rose

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