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Tencent We Summit
2018 Conference Title
Through the Eyes of Janus​
Midnight Sherpa in collaboration with Framestore China created the WE Summit opening film, a 3-minute experiential film to run as a prelude to the conference. The opening piece was to be as grand in physical dimension as it was in thematic scope. Three LED screens, custom built in Shenzhen and spanning a total width of almost 300 feet would arc 180 degrees around the audience in the circular venue to create an arresting cinematic experience. Midnight Sherpa and Framestore China developed a narrative centered around Janus, the Roman god of past and future. Through Janus’ eye, we journey through time, nature, astrology, technology, and beyond. A bold visual sense combined with an energetic score by our friends at Yessian Music created a dynamic and memorable installation on an epic scale.E
Team (Midnight Sherpa): Miguel Lee (CD), Alex More (EP), Preston Brown, Ha Eun Chang, Yoyo Dong, Joyce Ha, Joanna Hwang, Esther Kim, Jehee Lee, Mier Lee, Justin Leung, Michael Lo, Anna Mendoza, Joseph Moon, Evan Parsons, Greg Reynard, Izahk Roitman, Cisco Torres
Role: Collaborated with the team to design styleframes and the design of the beasts.
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