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Sweetgreen Spot
Photoshop  |  Cinema 4D  |  InDesign
Honest  |  Authentic  |  Collaborative  |  Adventurous  |  Real   |  Community  |  Sweet  |  Healthy  |  Lifestyle
The concept was focused around the quote "Keeping it real, cultivate authentic food and relationships."
A Delivery man begins his delivery for today, carrying fresh vegetables and fruits in his bag. He climbs up and up a humongous beanstalk, like the one that is in Jack and the Beanstalk. The wind blows in his face, and his arms are hurting. As he finally arrives to the top of the beanstalk, you see a view of hills and hills of green farms. He walks inside his destination which is a Sweetgreen restaurant. Inside, you see an everyday view of a lively restaurant with happy customers having meals.
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